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Local Premiere September 23, 2022

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The journey of has GalaxSea begun with a local screening at the Gala for the GalaxSea at the Maine Maritime Academy waterfront in Castine, Maine in September 2022.

Look out for GalaxSea at a Film Festival near you!

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Your darkness is shining.

Come on board GalaxSea: A Voyage into the Bioluminescent Night, our sci-fi-inspired adventure documentary. Our short film embraces darkness to find the simple wonders shining from water, earth, and sky. 

Seventeen-year-old aspiring astronaut, Nora, takes the audience through her hometown in Maine and onto Castine Harbor’s waters. She leads us to investigate how our fears of the dark hold us back from experiencing the hope offered by our planet and how by reducing light pollution, the Earth’s wonder naturally shines through. 

Our surrealist adventure dives into the beauty of bioluminescence, fireflies, and the galaxy of stars filling Coastal Maine’s night sky; and offers a do-able first step towards effecting positive environmental change.

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This film is dedicated to my close friend Merick Rain Madison 1991-2022, a true adventurer and outdoor leader.

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